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Can the varied and chaotic beauty of wood still compliment a modern interior?

In a word, yes. Through intuitive design and respect for Nature's ultimate portfolio, it is still possible to blend the modern with the majestic, as in this lakefront house in Medford, New Jersey. To balance the heavily contrived influences of mainstream design (and to set off that huge piece of quartz), something artificial simply would not do. This human need for softness and life in increasingly sterile environments gave rise to a set of strikingly curvaceous stools. Solid American walnut gives an exclusive, arresting aesthetic, while the sweeping lines of grain evoke the riverine qualities of the locale and the major interior elements. Proof that although ancient, such organic materials can still be an integral part of any style.

— Mark Duddigan, Silvergrain Design, Vincentown

Photo caption: Elemental style: Silvergrain Design (partnered with Emmor Works) brings a welcome imprint of solid hardwoods and anchors this newly renovated home in a fresh sense of the traditional.