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We love our home, but it doesn't fit our needs anymore. Should we build new or try to make it work for us?

With buildable lots in short supply, many homeowners have opted for extensive renovations to update and make their house fit their needs. If you need more room, consider adding on or building up. Adding a level will give you the needed space and can enhance the exterior of your home.
Converting a basement or updating a kitchen or bathroom will make your home more functional. New cabinets offer storage solutions, taller cabinets maximize space and custom sizes fit any project. Don’t forget new floors—durable wood floors or waterproof hardwood compressed composite are great options.
Whatever your needs, renovating is a great option and can add value to your home. An experienced general contractor can advise you on compliance and design.

— Amanda Fagan, Pittenger Builders, Neptune

If you’re home is no longer big enough for your family or doesn’t have the flow you would like, it may be time to renovate to fit your needs.