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After a few years of minimalistic white and gray bathrooms everywhere, what are the newest trends & focus in bath design?

Wood is back! Designers are going away from painted white and gray cabinetry. White Oak, Ash and Alder are all being used, showing off their beautiful grains.

Cerusing wood with a white or taupe fill rubbed into the natural wood brings a soft and inviting feel back to today’s cabinetry. This type of finish allows the bathroom to be bright without creating a sterile stark space.

Countertops are also going into a softer direction by using matte finishes instead of shine. Quartz fabricators are now offering honed finishes to expand their selections.

A simulated marble or limestone in a honed finish is a newer option that is resistant to staining and minimizes water marks. Concrete for countertops offers endless options of color and texture. Concrete also gives the ability to integrate any size or shaped sink to the top. A designer can be very creative with no limitations.

The main focus of bathrooms today is the shower unit. Clients are looking for luxurious showers with a powerful showerhead and a hand-held sprayer. A slew of industry options make it easy to step up shower design by using an overhead rain faucet in conjunction with multiple body sprays. For the ultimate in a home spa experience, a steam unit can be incorporated in shower design.

Soaking tubs, which entered the design scene in a big way a few years ago, are still going strong. These freestanding pieces have eclipsed the use of water jet tubs in bath design. Because of the continued popularity of soaking tubs, there is a myriad of materials and shapes available to complement any bath design.

Spa-like luxury, warmth without sacrificing brightness and interesting materials will create a calm sanctuary in today’s frenetic world.

— Peter Salerno, Peter Salerno, Inc.