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“I’m trying to choose between natural and manufactured stone veneers for the front of my house. What are the advantages of each?”

When preparing to invest in your home, careful consideration of the product used is essential. Both natural stone veneers and manufactured stone veneers share some unique advantages. Both are durable, sustainable, easily maintained and add value to your home. Natural Stone is unique in appearance and “authentic.” Advantages: It can be locally sourced, will not be discontinued and can be cut to fit without blemishes. Manufactured Stone provides a wide variety of sizes and styles. Advantages: It is less expensive than natural stone and comes in many different colors and is lighter in weight than natural stone. The disadvantage is the repetitiveness of the mass production cycle.

— Ofelia DiBenedetto, Metro Supply & Service, Rockaway

Photo caption: Metro’s new showroom display provides extra-large panels to better visualize stone type and color.