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Yelena's goal is to become a household brand and to have her own line of furniture and accessories.

Yelena Gerts grew up in Odessa, Ukraine, surrounded by historical buildings, beautiful architecture and parents with an affinity for design. Yelena learned early on that she shares that affinity. “I love everything that has to do with design, every aspect of it - from fashion and styling, decorating and entertaining, to growing my business and my brand.” Taking inspiration from her extensive travels, the designer has created a singular aesthetic. “All my interiors transcend a sense of luxury and style; they’re elegant and edgy, indulging all five senses while staying comfortable and practical.”

"It’s important to me to create a sense of luxury, to indulge all five senses, while keeping a space comfortable and practical." – Yelena Gerts, House of Style & Design

Yelena works with a broad spectrum of clientele, but she has also developed a niche designing interiors for men. “I love working in that category.” She’s also skilled at creating custom window treatments perfectly suited to her clients’ homes. “There is nothing more special than working with beautiful and luxurious fabrics and hardware,” she says.

The designer continues to dream big. “My goal is to become a household brand; to have my own line of furniture and accessories.” Lofty goals suit Yelena. “Overall, I am really happy to have found an industry where I feel I fit so perfectly.”

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