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For Kate Jacobowitz, interior design is a legacy handed down from her mother and great-grandmother, who both worked in the industry.

It was almost a foregone conclusion that Kate, who has a degree in art history and material culture, would enter the design field.

Her background is impressive. She spent ten years working with designer and TV personality, Thom Filicia, eventually becoming his director of interior design. She then established her own firm, Kate Susannah Home, where she creates beautiful, livable spaces. “I don’t like to design things that are so precious you feel like you can never actually enjoy them,” she notes. “The value in my design is comfort.”

Kate gathers design ideas from around the world, particularly hotel interiors. “I love the inventive ways that lighting, textiles and materials are used to create a mood.” Though she’s internationally inspired, she likes to focus on vendors close to home. “I enjoy building relationships with local businesses,” she says. “I love finding people who are passionate about what they do.” For Kate, the reward is “getting to incorporate amazing work into the homes of people who otherwise would not have discovered it. It’s great to see how excited my clients are.” The power of interior design, she notes, is all about making people happy. “It can have an effect on someone’s entire lifestyle just to be in a well-designed home.”

Contact Kate at 201-683-4425, via email at info@katesusannahhome.com or visit her website, katesusannahhome.com.