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For Gordon Mitchell, "woodworking was a natural destiny."

As a child he worked alongside his cabinetmaker father and discovered he enjoyed working with his hands. After a brief foray into air conditioner production, Gordon returned to his first love. "I joined an architectural millwork firm and learned about high-end woodworking."

With that experience in hand, Gordon took the leap in 1990 and started his own company. This year, Mitchell's Woodworking & Designs celebrates its 30th anniversary. "It's quite an accomplishment," he notes.

“My favorite part of the process is when a job takes shape. I love it when a plan comes together. ”

– Gordon Mitchell

It's a well-earned accomplishment, achieved through hard work and innate talent. Gordon's affinity for the craft is apparent. He is inspired by traditional architecture and creative design. "My favorite part of the process is when a job takes shape," he explains, adding a particularly apt quote: "I love it when a plan comes together."

His plan has certainly come together, a fact he attributes to a loyal customer base. "I want to thank all my clients for making this a reality." As for the future, Gordon is excited about new technologies in the field. "I'm a gadget person. I'm always looking forward to new processes to ensure our product is the best it can be."

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