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Evaluate your needs

If I go over my budget, where should I compromise?
It’s always beneficial to evaluate the way you use your kitchen on a daily basis in conjunction with your likelihood of requiring furnishings and fixtures that offer all the bells and whistles. We always ask our clients for two things: a wish list and their must-haves.

For example, most people want to include elements like a bigger range or refrigerator, or a farmhouse sink.  We help them brainstorm and look at their needs versus wants.  We’ll ask questions such as “Do you need a 48-inch range? If we go with a 36-inch range, would that work with your everyday cooking?  Do you need a bigger range because you entertain often? If so, how often do you host?” It helps to think about this investment while asking valuable questions. Will this investment improve your everyday life? Will it increase the value of your home?

Differentiating between desires and absolute requirements at the outset of a project helps homeowners to ascertain which elements are most important to them. With that knowledge, they can allocate funds wisely and efficiently. Having budgeted prudently, homeowners may find themselves with the resources to fulfill a few of their wishes.

Blended colors and metals

What’s new in kitchen design?
Many of our clients want the proverbial white kitchen, but with a pop. It’s a big investment to remodel a kitchen, so incorporating colored cabinetry can be scary. Homeowners who wonder if they’ll eventually regret using a trendy color for their entire kitchen can opt for a hybrid. The new trend we’re seeing incorporates white cabinetry  accentuated with a hit of color on the island or, alternatively, mixing base and perimeter cabinets of differing wood tones or hues. Our picture tells this story perfectly; the beautiful, white, Shaker perimeter cabinets contrast with the distressed, black island. The dramatic combination creates a striking effect, allowing both cabinetry choices to stand out.

Another trend is mixed metals. Black fixtures make a bold statement with gold hardware, or vice versa. The possibilities are endless, which is what makes it so much fun to design kitchens now. And since we are a design/build company, we are a “one-stop shop!”

— Bob & Julie Gockeler, Owners, KraftMaster Renovations, Chatham