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What are some of the biggest trends in ceramic wall tile offerings and why have they become so popular this year?

"Colors, shapes and textures are huge trends in wall tile right now – but the latest offerings have taken this to a whole new level. Colors are now brighter, textures are more elevated and shapes go far beyond the traditional subway tile. These trends are so popular because they truly create the entire atmosphere for the room, while also being the more economical choice as compared to glass or natural stone alternatives. From soft, handmade looks to electric pops of color, ceramic wall tile allows homeowners to develop an attainable aesthetic beyond just paint and wallpaper that is uniquely their own."

— Carolyn Vittoria, Design Sales Consultant, Garden State Tile, Roselle Park Showroom

Photo courtesy of Garden State Tile

The range of ceramic wall tile that's now available allows homeowners to express their design aesthetic beyond just paint and wallpaper.