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How can I design a beautiful, coordinated bathroom without looking too “matching”?

Designing a bathroom entails many decisions and it can become stressful to pick out all of your fixtures (tubs, sinks, toilets, bidets, etc.) and fittings (faucets, tub-fillers, showerheads, hand showers and accessories) to achieve a coordinated look. Several wonderful manufacturers now offer bathroom suites that are curated around personal style preferences. If you want a casual farmhouse look, they offer sinks, bathtubs, vanities and more around that design aesthetic. For those looking for a more contemporary, minimal design, there are suites that assemble fixtures and fittings to achieve that look. You can start with the suite, though you don’t have to assemble all of the pieces. Your showroom consultant or design partner will help you mix and match to create the look and function you envision. Whether your design aesthetic is transitional, traditional, industrial chic, modern glamour, Scandinavian minimalism or something in between, it’s a wonderful time to be designing health and happiness into your bathroom.

— By Amanda James, Showroom Manager, Frank Webb Home, Elmwood Park Over 46 showrooms, including Elmwood Park, Madison, Piscataway and Pleasantville

Photo caption: The Kintsu suite by Brizo combines Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese wabi-sabi philosophy for a stunning natural look. With unique options like a tub-filler with integrated wine-glass holder and the ability to customize knob handle inlays with teak, concrete, mother of pearl or a finish of your own, Kintsu offers a whole new look in bathroom design.