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We own the oldest house on the block. What can we do to make it look more current?

Siding is the first giveaway of a home’s age. If it was built anytime since the 1980s, the siding profile is probably very narrow. Today, newer homes are emulating the classic look of the 1920s with a wider siding profile.

Six-panel front doors and stained glass are also past their freshness date. Today’s doors offer traditional wood grain, a variety of stain and paint finishes, superior insulation, and better warranties. Windows have moved toward the flatter, straighter lines that fit in perfectly with that 1920s look.

And if you’re not into a major renovation, stone accents or a portico over the door can give a home a fresh, new look. A professional contractor with an in-house designer can guide you in the right direction.

— Gary Shiman, Executive Vice President, Bellari, Branchburg NJ

Photo Courtesy of Bellari

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