Fall in Love With These Autumnal Planters

We welcomed fall this week… whether or not the weather complies is another story. Here’s a round-up of fall-inspired planters to help us get in the apple-picking, pumpkin spice-drinking, trick-or-treating mood.

A little fall decor chaos never hurt anybody. Put all of your beautiful pumpkins on display to give a free-form feel. The plus side? Any leaves that fall around your display appear to be a part of your look, so… less yard work and still looking gorgeous. We call that a win/win.

Courtesy of Scenic Landscaping in Haskell, NJ

Simplicity is key sometimes, as seen in the front porch styling by A Little Love Design based in NJ. The planters are simply mums, but it’s the textures and colors of the decorative straw pumpkins and assortment of gourds that elevates this design.


Cabbages also don’t have to be so… cabbagey? Layer ivy, mums, ferns and other plants that love to mingle in your planter and sprinkle with pumpkins. Voilà! You’ve got yourself a festive fall look.

LEFT | Courtesy of In The Garden in Highlands, NJ. RIGHT | Courtesy of Stefanee Magill Gardening in New Hope.

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