8 Stylishly Retro Looks For Your Home

Trends in home furnishing tend to come and go. Some are short-lived (carpet in a bathroom is a hard “no”), but some withstand the test of time, marking the decorative heart and soul of an era to become classics. Here’s some historical décor that embodies the best of eras gone by.

1. Imagine yourself in a film noir:

This replica of a 1930s-era telephone features push buttons for dialing efficiency.

Crosley’s Kettle Classic desk phone (Find it in New Jersey at Pottery Barn locations.)

2. Or go back a few decades farther:

This fully functional phone also has push buttons for 21st-century speed-dialing sensibilities.

Design Toscano Roman Candlestick 1897 reproduction telephone

3. Get into malt-shop mode:

These stylish seats represent classic Americana.

Richardson Seating Diner Chairs

4. And store some snacks for after the sock hop:

The pastel color, rounded shape and pull-bar hardware give this fridge a 1950s feel. (It also has a freezer compartment.)

Smeg FAB28 pastel blue refrigerator (Find it in New Jersey at Community Appliance in Middletown or Karl’s Appliance in Edison.)

5. Give a subtle nod to a more formal time:

The overwrought excess of Victorian era design may not be for everyone; but this claw foot tub adds a hint of formality that the Queen herself would appreciate.

Pelham & White Northfield clawfoot tub

6. Or go for a streamlined style:

Don Draper would feel right at home taking a meeting while sitting on this straightforward sofa.

Crate & Barrel Gia button-tufted sofa

7. Wake up with an analog alarm:

Watch the hands of time move with this no-nonsense clock.

West Elm wide boy alarm clock

8. Or bask in an Art Deco glow:

This fixture boasts a jazzy geometric pattern.

CVL Lighting Earth Turtle wall/ceiling lamp by Émilie Cathelineau