7 Ways To Wow With White

Labor Day has come and gone, but I’m feeling a tad rebellious and I’m thinking about the color white. Yes, white. After Labor Day. Because, really, who makes these rules? While white may be synonymous with summertime chic clothing, it’s always appropriate as an interior design choice. It’s classic, but it’s also totally cool. And warm. In the right shade, it’s totally warm. It never goes out of style. (And, if you ask me, neither do white pants when properly executed. But that’s another blog for another day.) Here are some winning strategies for incorporating white into your home.

1. Add show-stopping elements

Photo: Marco Ricca, Design NJ April/May 2017 Design: Acker Bryant Design

The starburst chandelier looks especially spectacular against a white backdrop. So do the sunflowers.

2. Bring in seasonal accents

Photo: Marco Ricca, Design NJ April/May 2016 Design: Judi Schwarz

Experiment with a different look every month.

3. Make the floor darker

Photo: Peter Rymwid, Design NJ August/September 2015 Architecture and interior design: Michael Graves

It’ll ground an airy kitchen.

4. Go deep

Photo: Marco Ricca, Design NJ October/November 2017 Design: Elizabeth Vizzone

Dark tones on bright white pop.

5. Be slightly off-color

Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ August/September 2015 Design: Joan Norkus

A subtly different shade used in measured proportions (this one’s on the window wall) creates a soft contrast.

6. Underscore architecture

Photo: Emily Gilbert, Design NJ June/July 2016 Architect & Designer: Rachael Grochowski

The edges of the steps and the railing are sharply outlined against the white surroundings.

7. Cover up

Photo: Patricia Burke, Design NJ December 2014/January 2015 Design: Daniel Ranger Architect: Robert Rich Associates

Worried about stains? (Obviously.) Try slip covers.