5 Ways To Add Romance To Your Space

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and, here at Design NJ, we’re all for heart-shaped candy boxes and bountiful bouquets. But we’re wondering: why set aside just 24 hours to indulge romantic impulses? Every day can be romantic with the right backdrop. Here are some simple ways to woo your boo, please your partner or delight your darling on a daily basis.

1. Pile on the pillows

Create an inviting space to snuggle up with your sweetie.

Photo: Stephen Govel, Design NJ June/July 2018  | Architect: Tirmizi Campbell  | Builder: Monetti Custom Homes

2. Light your fire

Candlelight lends intimacy to any conversation. Dim the lights and bask with your beloved in the soft, flickering glow.

Photo: Vic Wahby, Design NJ October/November 2018 | Interior and tabletop design: Lisa Cloughen

3. Use the good china

Every day with your BAE should be special. Don’t reserve the fancy stuff for holidays.

Photo: Wedgewood: Design NJ February/March 2017, Vera Bande stemware

4. Add drama

Make your honey happy by including a deep, decadent color in your decor. It heightens the senses and adds an air of excitement.

Photo: Peter Rymwid, Design NJ April/May 2018 | Design: David Zisa, Greenbaum interiors | Builder: Joseph DiStaulo Homes

5. Design a space specifically for two

Outfit a cozy corner with accouterments for a couple to create a soul-mate sanctuary.

Photo: Christopher Myers, Design NJ October/November 2018 | Design: Just Terraces