From the June/July 2017 Issue

A House with a View – Dining Room

 |  Photographer Peter Rymwid  |  Designer Theresa Scelfo  |  Architect Andrew Passacantando, AIA  |  Builder George Strother

The dining room has a coffered ceiling and, as Passacantando explains, “the coffer mirrors what’s below it, which is a long formal dining table. It works specifically for this arrangement of furniture.” Pin lights are set into the ceiling to provide mood lighting. The Italian-made custom table, a distressed walnut with intricate rosewood inlays, was hand rubbed, Scelfo says. The deep finish required two weeks of work. The arch at the left leads to the wine room and the one at right to the butler’s pantry. Walls have a strie/glaze faux finish in an olive brown tone.