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  • This WoodForm Concrete® countertop by JM Lifestyles looks and feels like real wood and is not damaged by moisture or heat in the kitchen.








The look and feel of wood add warmth and substance to our homes and give us a sense of connecting with nature. However, wood isn’t ideal for every situation. Depending on conditions, it can crack, rot and degrade over time and isn’t suitable for every location. Plus there is concern about depleting supplies and the effect on nature when trees are harvested irresponsibly or when land is sprayed with herbicides to kill plants that would compete with tree saplings for nutrients, thus putting biodiversity and ecosystems at risk. This New Jersey based company has come up with a solution: concrete.

The desire to create a product that would look and feel like wood but that would be environmentally sustainable was a passion for Jeff Kudrick and Michelle Radley, who launched JM Lifestyles more than a decade ago with the goal of creating products that would impact the world in a positive way. The company introduced what is now known worldwide as Real Concrete® countertops, tables, vanities, wall panels and more. The products have fewer seams (if any), allow for bigger overhangs, are warmer to the touch because of lower thermal mass, are lightweight, consist of 50 percent recycled content and have a water-based finish that is virtually stain- and maintenance-free.

Within a few years, Kudrick and Radley realized their goal of also creating a sustainable concrete product that mimics wood. WoodForm Concrete® is a lightweight engineered composite that looks like wood and acts like stone. It will not split, crack, splinter, stain or rot and comes in various “wood” varieties and with different edge options. WoodForm Concrete can be used in areas where real wood cannot or is impractical, the company says. It has more than 50 percent recycled content, 0 percent waste in its production (compared with 70 percent waste for wood from the time a tree is cut down) and will last longer than wood.

Since its founding, JM Lifestyles has grown from a 2,000-square-foot studio to over 18,000 square feet, working with individual designers and homeowners as well as national companies such as Under Armour, Selfridges, L’Occitane, Fox News, Levis and Marriott.

“JM Lifestyles has taken an unlikely material, concrete, and refined it to look like one of the most classic organize building materials available, wood,” the company says. “JM takes pride in giving consumers an alternative to clear cutting forests or using old-growth trees … [and] with a purchase of a WoodForm Concrete island, table or vanity, you are supporting positive change for the future health of you and your children.”

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