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Revved Up With Color

Writer Garden State Tile

We are seeing more color this year in everything from interior design to automobiles. Bold reds and yellows, bright blues and greens, and soft pastels are in the driver’s seat, while neutral tones take a back seat.

Using color adds excitement, refreshment and attention-getting style to spaces. Decorating with color may seem like you’re headed for a tail-spin. However, adding neutral elements will help tone down the dramatic effect for a cohesive design.

Garden State Tile has a full range of colorful tiles for walls and floors in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. The company can help you cross the finish line with flying colors. See all Garden State Tile has to offer in tile and stone at GSTile.com.

  • Slash Turquiose


  • Crossville Handwritten


  • Cromatica Blues


  • Chalk 8” x 8”


  • Chalk Rhomboid


  • Slash Green Apple


  • Slash Red


  • Hexa Ocean Wave