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The Look of Luxury: 5 Key Trends Driving Home Renovations

Home renovations continue to be top of mind for homeowners across New Jersey. And for some, luxury is the name of the game, says the design team at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen […]

Entertaining Ideas

Set your table — and bring on the holly-jolly this year — with inspiring new tableware, giftware and accessories Gather “Deer Friends” Make an Annual Connection Let Nature Sing Make […]

Captivating Gifts for Kids, Parents and Parents-To-Be

The holiday season seems a little bit more magical when there are children to share it with. Add to the enchantment with these gifts for youngsters and their grownups. (For […]

12 Gifts That Will Delight Your Hosts

Thank goodness the world has finally opened up (a bit) in time for the holidays. If you’ve been invited to a seasonal soirée, show your appreciation with these offerings. (And […]

8 Books For Design Devotees

For that special someone on your list who loves a good book and enjoys great design: nothing could be more apropos after a long couple of years than a diverting […]

Black Magic

Whatever the style, decorating with black adds instant presence to a room. Long a staple in fashion and home décor, black can play a grounding influence, provide emphasis or impart […]

5 Tips for Creating a Stress-Free Zone in Your Home

This is a guest post from interior designer Terri Fiori. It first appeared in her blog. Over the years, I have written numerous articles that focus on creating calming […]

9 Dreamy Bedding Sets for Chilly Autumn Nights

As the nights get longer and the weather cools, we’re focused on feathering our nests with soft, snug bedding. Have a look at these lovely linens to help make the […]

Nurturing Nature

10 companies that make sustainability a priority If our year-and-a-half timeout in our homes has taught us anything, it’s that the actions of humans impact the health of the planet. […]