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Trends & Influences – Part 1
What’s new, now, and trending in home appliances, lighting fixtures and more

  Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery — a premier destination for quality home fixtures and appliances with 30 retail locations in New Jersey alone — presents Trends & Influences, […]

4 Things to Know Before Renovating Your Basement

Turning your dark (and possibly damp) basement into an actual living space can add a lot of square footage—not to mention value—to your home. But before beginning a project like […]

We Can Work It Out

Remember the New Years’ promise you made to yourself to get in shape? How’s that going? If you’re not exercising as much as you said you would (or at all), […]

Tidy Toys
5 (Ingenius!) Rules For Organizing Play Spaces

The holidays are over and, if you have kids, you probably have lots of new toys lying around the house. Messes can be stressful, so before you lose your marbles […]

Living Coral: Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year embraces optimism

Living Coral — a shade of orange with a warm golden undertone — takes us to the depth of the ocean and feeds our desire to connect with nature. “The […]

Design NJ’s Top 10 IG Posts of 2018

What makes a space resonate with those who see it? It’s an intangible combination of style, warmth and comfort. Those qualities are found in all the spaces below. They’re some […]

The Carefree House: Hardwood Floors and Everlasting Love

Avoid trends when choosing hardwood floors that will endure for a lifetime This installment of The Carefree House reveals best practices for choosing hardwood flooring that never needs to be […]

Designers’ Favorites – What is Your Favorite Light Fixture?

Jacqueline by Aerin for Circa Lighting “The Jacqueline two-tier chandelier by Aerin for Circa Lighting is one of my favorite light fixtures. I love how versatile it is. You can […]

Spirit of Giving Event at Town & Country Kitchen and Bath

The true spirit of giving was everywhere last night at Town & Country Kitchen and Bath in Red Bank! For children in the foster care system, the holidays can be […]