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‘Tis Of Thee

We live in a great country (in spite of what you may have heard). So many cultures have left their imprint on the United States in its relatively short history. […]

An Outside Chance

It’s the first day of summer and we’ve got our minds on the great outdoors. Now’s the time to get outside while we have the opportunity—as warm days and sultry […]

Flights of Fancy

Scarlett O’Hara understood the dramatic impact of a sweeping staircase; so did Rocky Balboa. Here at Design NJ, we do too. There’s nothing quite like a grand set of steps […]

Good Work — Photo Op

Putting together a magazine, in print and online, involves the work of countless individuals. At Design NJ, we are privileged to work with so many gifted professionals and we want […]

Got a Light?

As you might expect, we see all kinds of home décor trends here at Design NJ—some are great, others less so. But one trend we’re thrilled to witness is the […]

Inside Ocean Grove

Annual House Tour Opens the Doors to a Community’s History As Well As Its Present. The moment you step into the district of Ocean Grove, the charm of a proud […]

We’ll Take a Raincheck

Enough is enough! We know rain is a good thing for New Jersey—we’re not called the Garden State for nothing. But this has gone on long enough. It feels like […]

A Walk on the Wild Side

Okay, we’re in a mood. Maybe it’s the first hint of prolonged warmth after a winter of wacky weather; maybe we’re just sowing some oats, but we’re feeling a bit […]

Serenity Now

Isn’t this what most moms want? With Mother’s Day coming up on Sunday, we thought we’d post some images that embody the peace and quiet that soothe a mom’s stressed-out […]