An Image in Time

A new painting captures a favorite spot on the Johnson farm

Janet Purcell, who wrote the story about Seward and Cecelia Johnson’s home, is also an accomplished artist. She decided to thank the Johnsons in a special way, by honoring them with her own painting of one of their — and her — favorite places on the property: a rugged stone stairway that leads from the main house to the spa barn.

“I was drawn to this secluded stairway on the farm because it felt like the heart of the property,” Purcell says. “There is a sense of timeless durability in the weathered stones, and the graceful yet sturdy handrail spoke to me of how it is there to guide and support family and friends who gather to share the creativity of this welcoming home.”

“The stairway leads them to the restored and repurposed barns and then to the open farmland with all its revitalizing and inspiring components — so much like the Johnsons themselves.”

See the full feature from the October/November 2018 issue here, where you can also see an image of the stairwell that inspired it all.

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