Uncommon Hours: 10 Unusual Clocks for Your Home

In honor of Daylight Saving Time, which begins on March 13 and marks a return to lighter evenings, we’ve rounded up a treasure trove of distinctive clocks to help you keep track of those extra hours of sunshine.

Timeless twist

This spirally steel clock features a coiled cylinder and suspended pendulum. (Ida Wall Clock from Scully & Scully.)

Might I have a word?

Yes, you may, with this eye-catching clock that spells out the time. (Creator’s Edition clock from Qlocktwo®.)

Time triangulated

This battery-operated geometric wood clock is handcrafted. (Blowing Rock Mantle Clock from Southern Highland Craft Guild.)

Not your grandfather’s grandfather clock

This minimalist modern clock features a simple curved body and a ring pendulum. (Orville Floor Clock from Howard Miller. Find it in New Jersey at the Avon Clock Shop in Avon-by-the-Sea or Squan Furniture in Oakhurst.)

Time flies

This clock is This created with individual sculpted swallows set at precise points. (It comes with a chart to assist installation.) (Migrantbird X clock from Haoshi.)

Cubist timekeeping

This block-like alarm clock displays time, date and temperature features. (Cube Click Clock from Gingko Design Store.)

Time lines

This sleek timepiece gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “hands in the air.” (Puntero N Nomon table clock from Nomon.)

Full circle

This battery-operated clock, which comes in standing or wall versions, is a study in striking simplicity. (Okota clock from Nkuku.)

Whimsy on the wall

This cute wall clock brings rubber-ducky chic to the time-keeping game. (Freebird clock from Progetti.)

Time loop

This clock is made from beechwood shaped into ribbon-like sections. (Ribbonwood wall clock from Umbra.)