7 Wallpaper Favorites

Executives of leading wallcovering companies weigh in

The creative energy of wallpaper designers yields many options to reinvigorate rooms with texture, color and pattern. If you find it challenging to choose a favorite, you may be interested to know that wallpaper company executives feel the same way. When Design NJ asked execs to name their favorite design, several said — good naturedly — that it was like being asked to name a favorite child. Seven of them took up the challenge, some naming brand-new designs, others recalling longtime favorites. We heard from three New Jersey-based executives — Philip Bershad of Phillip Jeffries in Fairfield and sisters Jennifer Matthews and Julie Au from Tempaper in Brick — as well as Sir Peter Osborne from venerable Osborne & Little, Gina Shaw of York Wallcoverings, C. Ashley Spencer of Casart Coverings and DeAnna Hain of Carlisle and Co.

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Philip Bershad, President

“I’m loving our new mural — Transcend. It’s a fabulous design bringing nature and the outside inside the home! It was inspired by a recent trip we took to Aspen.”

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Jennifer Matthews, Co-Founder/Chief Creative Officer

“Our design team brings a creative edge to each and every design to make our collections stand out. A good example of this is our Royal Palm peel-and-stick wallpaper design. The delicate goldleaf detailing within the metallic position adds a regal element. Its exquisite design can really elevate any room.”

Julia Au, Co-Founder/Chief Executive Officer

“Decorative wood detailing is having a moment in home design as consumers strive for that perfect architectural statement within their home. Our Beadboard peel-and-stick wallpaper offers a traditional wood panel in a trendy teal green colorway (other colors available), giving our consumers a chic look without the fuss of wood.”

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Sir Peter Osborne, Founder and Managing Director

“I have so many favourite designs amongst the hundreds that we introduced over the past half century. Certainly one of them is our Swans wallpaper that Antony Little designed back in the ’70s. It was a handprint that needed about 20 screens to print it. He took its inspiration from the castles of King Ludwig II of Bavaria, in particular Neuschwanstein and Linderhof, where the swan motif predominated in almost every room.

I like the small, lapidary scale of the swans interspersed with cartouches of lilies. Can there be a more beautiful bird anywhere in the world! Sadly, it’s out of print, but writing these words has given me the idea of bringing it back to life!”

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Gina Shaw, Vice President of Product Development

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C. Ashley Spencer, Principal & Lead Artist

“My current favorite wallcovering design is the Nature Noticed Collection, inspired by appreciation of nature noticed while being homebound during Covid 19 isolation and comprising four main architecturally paneled designs that coordinate together. They can be combined and oriented on a wall or any flat surface in any configuration, including with customized colors. Your own designs can be added, either custom printed or “pinned” to the wall as one large art or accent wall in a gallery display. This practical application makes the Nature Noticed designs the most flexible, multichangeable, removable and reusable wallcovering that we offer.

They come in different sizes (full roll and bookcase backings, all 52 inches wide); vertical and horizontal presentations; as faux panels, with or without the nature illustrations. They represent the quality and practicality for our customers with an artistic appreciation that Casart aspires to create.”

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DeAnna Hain, Vice President of Marketing | Carlisle and Co.

“While it’s hard to choose a favorite from such a stunning collection, Nagano holds a special place in my heart. Nagano is a large-scale, two-panel repeatable pattern that is printed on natural cork. The cork is overlaid on a metallic foil backing, which shows through on the negative space that the cork naturally features. This offers a dynamic mix of natural elements (with the cork), globally inspired art and a punch of excitement with the glimpses of metallic peeking through.”