Press-Ready Specs & Deadlines

Ad Specifications


9″ X 10.875″


9.25″ x 11.125″


Keep important illustrations and type matter at least 1/4″ in from TRIM edges and 3/8″ from backbone.


18″ x 10.875″


18.25″ x 11.125″


1/2″ total – 1/4″ on either side of the gutter


4C Process


Perfect Bound

Digital Specifications

The preferred digital file formats supported by Design NJ are:


PDF/X1a or Press-Ready PDF. All digital data must conform to SWOP specifications.


Email, Macintosh-formatted CD/DVD-ROM, or Dropbox.

Please Note: Native application files such as Quark, InDesign, or Illustrator, etc. are not acceptable because they introduce many possibilities for error.

Production Services

We offer ad design services. Prices for these services will be quoted on a per-job basis. Please contact your Account Manager to obtain cost information and specifications for ad make-up services.

To further assist our advertisers in creating PDF files, please email us at

For additional information about our requirements, please contact the Design NJ Production Department at 732-719-7841 x212 or

Specification Checklist

The most common file pitfalls can be avoided by adhering to the specifications outlined below. Even if you are familiar with the various pitfalls, please take a moment to review this checklist prior to sending your advertising materials.

  • All high-res images & fonts must be embedded when the PDF OR PDF-X1a file is saved.
  • Images must be CMYK OR Grayscale only. TIFF OR EPS at least 300 ppi.
  • DO NOT nest EPS file into other EPS files. Do not imbed ICC profiles within images.
  • Total area density SHOULD NOT exceed SWOP 300% TAC (Total Area Coverage).
  • All image trapping must be included in the file(s).
  • Right Reading, Portrait Mode, 100% Size, No Rotations.
  • Trim, Bleed and Center Marks 1/2” outside Trim.
  • No marks included in the “Live” image area.
  • Digital Proof (COLOR OR BW) that represents the final digital file.
  • For Color Guidance on Press: Digital, Press, or Off-Press proofs that meet SWOP specifications. A 6mm 5%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%, C, M, Y, K, patch strip for quality control must be included on the SWOP proof. Proofs that don’t meet SWOP criteria will be used for color break only. We recommend that you proof your job at a local service bureau since the color on your monitor will not match the color produced by a web offset press unless you have a monitor that has been accurately calibrated to SWOP standards. Ads without a complete set of color guidance proofs will be accepted at the advertiser’s risk.

Color Ads: All ads must be designed in CMYK mode. If creating a custom CMYK process color, you must check the “Process Separations” box under the “Edit Colors” dialogue box, otherwise the color will be output as a separate plate even if the color is defined as CMYK. Spot Pantone (PMS) colors are available only at an additional charge. (Contact Account Manager for details).

Tips: ­4/C-black, DO NOT set at 100C, 100M, 100Y, 100K. We recommend 40 to 60C, 100K for rich black. When in doubt, use a standard 1/C, 100% Black.

Trapping: All text placed over dark backgrounds must be set to “Knockout.” Advertisers are responsible for setting all trapping values in their files.

Fonts: Color and reverse type smaller than 10 point cannot be guaranteed perfect registration and is not recommended.

Ad Shapes


Two-Page Spread16.25 X 1018.25 X 11.125
Single Full Page8 X 109.25 X 11.125
2/3 Vertical5.1875 X 10N/A
1/2 Horizontal8 X 5N/A
1/2 Vertical4 X 10N/A
1/3 Vertical2.5625 X 10N/A
1/3 Page Square5.1875 X 4.825N/A
*sizes in inches


Sending in your Ad


PDF files can be e-mailed to


Design NJ, Ad Materials-Production Dept., 328 Newman Springs Road Suite 11, Red Bank NJ 07701


Please email us at for instructions.


Download Design NJ Press Ready Specs and Deadlines