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Best Colors For Staging Your Home

What are the Best Colors When Staging Your Home?

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enlarge | When staging your home, don’t be afraid of color on the walls and adding accessories or new furniture within your budget. It can help pull the room together and inspire potential buyers.
If I am going to stage my home to sell it, do I have to paint the walls white or neutral? What is the best advice you can give when deciding to stage a home before putting it on the market?
Karen K. in West Orange

"There are many variables when staging a home, including your budget and current furnishings. Each situation is different and should be treated as such.

If your furniture is worn or outdated, your best bet is to empty the house. If you have to leave the furniture in the house, paint the walls off-white or another neutral shade and replace the carpet if it’s worn. Carpet and paint are often the first thing potential buyers notice.

You could replace old furniture with an inexpensive alternative, something more for looks than quality, since its sole purpose would be to help sell the house. However, some people choose to purchase furniture they will use in their new home and use it in their current one until moving day. It depends on your budget.

If your current furniture is in good shape and classic in style, a complementary color on the walls will enhance the room, and potential buyers won’t give a second thought to the walls being a color. Think about the last home you walked through. You probably didn’t think about the wall color, but maybe how the room looked incredible because it had color on the walls.

Many people are afraid of color until they see a room that’s pulled together with great furniture, accessories, and window treatments. Adding a great color on the wall takes the space to the next level. So before staging, it pays to think about what your game plan should be.

My best advice is to have a professional come to your home and evaluate what needs to be done. You may just need a jump-start or a to-do list if you want to tackle the project yourself. Or you may want to retain the services of a designer through part or all of the process. Most of the time, it ends up being well worth the cost." - DNJ

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