From the April/May 2009 Issue:

Cool Summer Savings

  • Writer: Lisa Rackley

Make your pool more energy efficient

Use a variable-speed pump. A pump typically runs at 3,450 rpm. If you use a variable-speed pump or operate a pump at half speed, youll run it longer but also rack up an energy savings of about 75%.

Use a robotic cleaner. Self-contained cleaners with a filter and pump save about 94 percent in operating costs over a conventional cleaner.

Install LED lighting. LED lights produce a similar amount of illumination to other types but use less electricity. For example, a 50 watt LED bulb typically lasts about 50,000 hours, while a 500 watt conventional bulb lasts about 7,000 hours.

Choose heaters wisely. If you must have a pool heater, consider a heat pump system, which captures heat from the air and uses it to warm the water. These work efficiently as long as the outside temperature is above 45�-50�, and they work only when needed. A heat pump saves about $4 for every $1 spent on electricity to run it. They emit no pollution or carbon monoxide.

Solar blankets. Some more efficient, sleeker, and easier-to-use solar blankets have surfaced. A new liquid version forms an invisible layer that traps heat. Check your local pool dealer for details.

Automation. Manage the measurement and dispensing of chemicals, cleaning, and temperature control at the touch of a button, keeping your pool running efficiently and saving you time and money.

There are many reputable pool product manufacturers. Hayward Pool Products has many New Jersey dealers, including Central Jersey Pools in Freehold, Swimland Pools & Spas Inc. in Jackson, Kinney Pools in Brick, North Jersey Pool & Spa Contractors in Fairfield, Metro Pools in Butler, Olympic Pools in Flanders, and Valley Pools & Spas in Hamilton Square. Visit the Northeast Pool and Spa Association (NESPA) and the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals (APSP) for more information on pools. - DNJ

Steve Metz
former president of the Northeast Pool & Spa Association
owner of Central Jersey Pools in Freehold