From the December/January 2009 Issue:

Wall Statements

  • Writer: Lisa Rackley

You don’t have to sacrifice style when choosing wallpaper

Most wallpaper products and finishes have never ranked high on the eco-friendly list. Concerns include biodegradability and the release of harmful chemicals into the air. However, the move toward greener living has prompted wallpaper companies to meet consumer demand for safer and more sustainable products. A growing number of wallpaper products are stylish as well as eco-friendly thanks to natural, reusable materials that give off fewer fumes, are easier to apply, and sometimes can be recycled.

Color for the Wall Eco-friendly wallcoverings from Jaima Brown Home feature water-based ink that is silk-screened onto paper so they don’t give off fumes. Patterns from the Damask Collection (clockwise from top) include Lime Scroll Eclipse above the chair rail and Josephine natural weave paper below it, Persia Paisley in black and white, and Marrakech in chocolate. For prices and locations, 888-865-0200 or

Hint of Glass Woven glass textile yarn lends a three-dimensional feel to Art Deco-style wallpaper from Vitrulan Phantasy Designs. It can be applied like regular wallpaper and then painted or faux finished to complement your décor. The wallpaper is sustainable because glass fabric is inorganic and doesn’t contribute to mildew growth. It can be repainted many times, carries a LEEDS rating (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), and is resistant to wear and tear and burning. Vitrulan is made by Roos International, 800-888-2776 or Sources include Frankly Green in Plainfield, 908-755-2212 or