March 2017 Web Exclusive Article

East Meets West

New Exhibit at Morristown Medical Center

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enlarge | A botanical piece from the East Meets West exhibition at Morristown Medical Center.
"East Meets West "brings together images from the Far East, Europe, and the United States," says Danielle Ann Millican, principal at Danielle Ann Millican at R House Inc. in Florham Park and curator of the exhibit.

The exhibit features a wide variety of media including hand-colored woodblocks, antique prints, and digital photography. The pieces feature overlapping subjects and styles. Flowers from many continents bloom on the page. Japanese woodblocks from the 19th and 20th centuries portray the hierarchy of transport--from litters carried by 18 men to single ox carts. Each is elegant in pattern and design. The same can be said for the kimono series, replete with fine silks and embroidery.

Centuries-old maps showing trade routes, illustrations of indigenous people, flora and fauna, all are represented and present a world open to exploration and discovery. From sunlight gilding a net of leaves to dragonflies dancing on petunias, culture and nature cross continents to become art.

"Once again I have the pleasure of creating an exhibit for Morristown Medical Center," says Millican, who notes that the exhibit will help to lift the spirits of patients, visitors and staff as well as raise funds for the Medical Center. "I feel so honored to be working with the hospital and the Women's Association." The exhibit runs through April 22.