From the April/May 2016 Issue:

Behind the Scenes of a One-Day Makeover

    Writer: Meg Fox | Photographer: Marisa Pellegrini | Interior Designer: Libby Langdon |

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Top: Removing all the contents of the room helps to imagine the possibilities and eliminate any initial roadblocks.

Center: Installation mechanics from Cove Carpet One Floor & Home in Summit prepare for the installation of the new area rug, cut and bound from broadloom carpet.

Bottom: The homeowners’ existing furniture is rearranged for the new layout.

Top: A truckload of new furniture is carefully unloaded.

Center: As furniture is brought in, Langdon envisions it all coming together!

Bottom: Measuring for proper place­ment of artwork on the wall.

Top: Hanging art starting from the center or middle anchor with help from design associate Kelsey Pethybridge.

Center: Personalizing the space with family photos.

Bottom: Furniture is in place and ready for action.