From the December/January 2009 Issue:

Eco-Friendly Water-Saving Fixtures and Faucets

I am in the market to replace my fixtures and faucets and want them to be eco-friendly and have water-saving features. Also I am interested in the new higher toilets. What can you recommend?

Many manufacturers now incorporate green products along with water-saving features that meet or exceed current EPA criteria. You will see them marketed with the WaterSense label.

Toto USA is one of the china lines that fit the bill. Its line includes one- and two-piece toilets available in higher models (16.5 inches from the floor to the rim of the bowl). The company also offers 1.28 gpf (gallons per flush), which is lower than the current standard of 1.6 gpf. Since 1994 all toilets manufactured in the United States are required to flush using 1.6 gpf; toilets manufactured before 1994 used 3.5 gpf. One of Toto’s newer offerings, The Aquia, has a dual flush 0.9 gpf/1.6 gpf for those looking to conserve even more water.

Grohe is a faucet company that is leading the way with the WaterSense labeling. It produces kitchen and lavatory faucets that offer 1.5 gpm (gallons per minute) output instead of the 2.5 gpm that many other faucet companies offer. Water pressure remains high because of the company’s air/water ratio technology. Grohe offers traditional and contemporary lines in several finishes, so you get style and functionality while also conserving water.

If a remodeling project is not in your immediate future but you are still looking for a quick way to reduce your water consumption when showering, Alsons offers water-saving showerheads with new fluidics technology that uses only 1.6 gpm but feels the same as a standard 2.5 gpm output.

These are just a few of the many companies that are sensitive to our environment and are working hard to reduce our carbon footprints on Mother Earth. - DNJ

Juliana Burzacki
manager of the Grove Supply Inc. showroom
in Wildwood at 3801 Park Boulevard,