From the December/January 2009 Issue:

Benefits of Motorized Window Shades and Treatments

What are the benefits of motorized window shades or treatments?

Imagine a day in the future. The motorized shades in your kitchen and dining room open at 6 a.m., then your bedroom draperies open a half hour later. The shades adjust on their own throughout the day and close themselves 20 minutes after sunset. Except, it’s not the future — it’s today.

Motorized window treatments are fun and practical and they enhance the value of your home. Any type of new or existing window covering can be motorized, adding a level of convenience to your home. The window treatments can be powered with plug-in transformers, batteries, or hardwired installations.

Three main reasons for using motorized window treatments:

Convenience. They make it easy to adjust large, tall, and hard-to-reach window coverings to control natural light and your view of the outdoors with the touch of a button.

Comfort. Eliminate harsh glare while watching television, block harmful ultraviolet rays to protect you and your furnishings, and control heat gain and loss to keep the room comfortable and save on energy costs.

Control. Create the perfect atmosphere in every room — enjoy sunlight and views or create a more restful, private environment. - DNJ

Christopher F. Kahler
Business Development Manager; Belmar Window Shop in Belmar