From the December/January 2009 Issue:

How to Use Faux Florals

How can I decorate my home with faux florals without overdoing it?

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enlarge | Floral arrangements by professionals, like these by Nancy Conner, are made to enhance your home’s décor and tend to last longer than others.
Permanent botanicals are fashion accessories for your home. Remember that less is more and that quality is better than quantity. The only rule I can advise you to follow faithfully is to purchase the finest product you can. Poor materials make for an unattractive display.

Regarding placement, consider where your eye goes first when you enter a room. The mantel? The side table in the foyer? The dining table? These are the perfect places for florals or plants. A tree will soften an empty corner in any room.

When you tire of the floral accessories, it’s time to replace, change, or store them for another season. They can be wrapped loosely in a plastic bag and stored in an area that’s not prone to moisture. They may need to be rearranged when unwrapped.

When you decide to purchase new floral accessories, interior designers, home furnishings stores, specialty boutiques, and florists are good sources. A custom piece is always preferable because it will be designed to coordinate with your colors and furnishings.

Your home’s interior style is a good indicator of what type of floral accessories you should have. Look around your space. Is it contemporary and sleek? Formal, casual, or country cottage? Not sure about which flowers go with what? Seek professional advice and collect pictures from magazines and catalogs that appeal to you. When I work on custom designs, some criteria I use are color compatibility, space limitations, and container selection.

Do-it-yourself design has become popular these days, but I don’t recommend it. Floral design skills require knowledge of design principles, proper mechanics and technique, and specialized supplies. A floral designer should keep abreast of home décor trends through trade shows, gift markets, industry publications, and interior design seminars in order to propose both familiar and exotic ideas. -DNJ

Nancy Conner
ASID Industry Partner and owner of
Nancy Conner Design in North Plainfield